Of course it's true that political thought is (or at least should be) more complicated than the dichotomy it is usually made out to be. But the terms Liberal and Conservative certainly do have a strong meaning in our society, and it is stunning if those traits can be predicted with such accuracy on a neurological… » 10/30/14 1:04pm Today 1:04pm

I've never really understood the obsession with knowing who Shakespeare "really" was. The reason to care about Shakespeare is because he is the guy who wrote all those great plays. If it turned out a dude with a different name wrote all those great plays, that guy is Shakespeare for all intents and purposes.… » 10/29/14 4:21pm Wednesday 4:21pm

I think it's a bit more controversial than you realize to say that boobs are "inherently not for sexual use." Obviously their primary purpose is nursing, but organs are not always single-purpose. Many women report that breast/nipple stimulation can cause them to be aroused in much the same way as clitoral stimulation,… » 10/28/14 1:21pm Tuesday 1:21pm

One time I just forgot to look at my phone for a weekend (it was a dumb phone at the time, so I only would have looked for texts), and several people freaked out. The weird thing was that I was on my computer nonstop all weekend. They could have seen my "online" status on Gmail and Facebook pretty much constantly… » 10/24/14 8:48am 10/24/14 8:48am

Has anyone else encountered the misconception that the sun actually becomes more dangerous to look at during an eclipse than it normally is? The argument I usually have heard is, "If it wasn't more dangerous, why would there be so many safety precautions for looking at an eclipse?" Obviously, that's because it's… » 10/23/14 10:48am 10/23/14 10:48am