I think it's still a little mean to carry a cat around a party with you as an accessory. They're not like dogs; it would be stressful for them to get so much attention and not be able to escape to hang out on their own. But yeah, obviously animals don't die from having their fur colored. » 3/02/15 6:21pm Yesterday 6:21pm

So do you just hate all egg dishes? If so, I would think your fiance should have been able to accept that you know what eggs taste like. If not, I kind of understand where she's coming from, because quiche can be made with all kinds of different fillings. » 3/02/15 1:50pm Yesterday 1:50pm

It's not just a matter of how it's displaying on the screen. I can be looking at the picture on exactly the same screen at exactly the same angle, and the colors will spontaneously switch. My boyfriend and I were both looking at the same screen at the same time last night, and he had a hard time believing me that I… » 2/27/15 12:47pm Friday 12:47pm

The same thing is happening to me - I saw white and gold, then blue and black. In fact, it keeps switching as I scroll back and forth and see different iterations of the picture in the comments. It is crazy creepy. Each time I see it, the colors seem completely unambiguous, and yet they keep changing. » 2/26/15 10:06pm Thursday 10:06pm

I have had a similar experience with moving from the Midwest to California. I do generally prefer the way Californians eat; I'm not a fan of the smother-everything-with-cheese-and-gravy style of the Midwest. But it still feels like people judge me for cracking open a can of Coke or a package of Oreos now and then. … » 2/26/15 12:40pm Thursday 12:40pm

I actually participated in the RAD program last year, because my boss arranged for all the woman in my department (at a university) to do it. There was some questionable and paranoid material in the verbal part of the instruction, but I should emphasize that over half of the program consisted of physical defense… » 2/25/15 2:33pm 2/25/15 2:33pm

Yes, that's one of the biggest concerns with digital archives. Constantly migrating digital files to the latest format is very time consuming and difficult to keep up with. That's definitely where something like microfilm has an advantage. Even if all microfilm readers were destroyed, even if civilization crumbled… » 2/24/15 8:36am 2/24/15 8:36am

Your objection only makes sense if you believe that the two paradigms of the 1970s and 2010s are describing essentially different problems/situations. I think maybe things haven't changed that much; the difference is just in our ways of understanding what's happening in our world (and thus that rat's world). » 2/24/15 8:20am 2/24/15 8:20am

What is this comment even supposed to mean? Even setting aside that you missed the OP's joke, why would someone not "belong" at the gym because they don't love listening to someone else's grunts and moans? Is that the point of the gym for you? Do you go just to bask in the grunts? » 2/23/15 2:45pm 2/23/15 2:45pm