But there was a long build-up towards the Avengers film that got everybody excited about the idea long before it actually came out. Once we all saw how good all the standalone movies were, and we realized they were all in a shared universe, there was a pretty lengthy period of anticipation before the Avengers movie… » 11/24/14 3:06pm Monday 3:06pm

I've always found Jaynes' theories pretty ridiculous. It seems that some people, for whatever reason, have a hard time accepting that early humans were essentially the same as us. As if there's some deep-seated desire to create some distance between us and our ancestors, essentially saying, "They weren't real humans… » 11/20/14 11:32am 11/20/14 11:32am

There certainly have been famous women with prominent noses. Sure, the Sarah Jessica Parkers and Barbara Streisands of the world tend to be more scrutinized for their unconventional attractiveness, or at least it's always noticed (I never even realized there was anything "weird" about Tom Cruise's nose until this… » 11/20/14 1:31pm 11/20/14 1:31pm

Besides what NonServiam said about how this is a much bigger deal than you seem to think, the thing is, this is an issue that should have a relatively easy fix with reasonable accommodations. Whereas issues like catcalling and responses to rape reports are systemic issues with no clear solution. Doesn't it make more… » 11/19/14 5:16pm 11/19/14 5:16pm

He might be able to contribute to the timeline of when she was murdered by testifying when she sent her last text to him, etc., and obviously that she had already been murdered at the time he stopped at her house. It doesn't really matter what he thought the substance looked like; I'm sure the forensics people… » 11/19/14 4:43pm 11/19/14 4:43pm

This makes me think of something I need to be more careful about when I'm talking on the internet. Occasionally I'll say something in a post that I didn't really mean, either because I wasn't thinking very clearly or my language was just sloppy. When other commenters start calling me out on it, I get defensive, but of… » 11/17/14 8:22am 11/17/14 8:22am

Lions are becoming the Worf of the animal kingdom

Lions need to step up their game. In the last week or so, I've stumbled across videos of a baby elephant fighting off 14 lions, a mongoose fighting off 4 lions, and even a plucky porcupine fighting off an impressive 17 lions. All of these seem awesome in isolation. Such a cute little animal fought off so many lions!… » 11/14/14 4:08pm 11/14/14 4:08pm

Can we please not turn this whole comment section into a tirade against hunting in general? This happened in Slovenia, where the hunter may very well have needed hunting as a means to put food on his table, and he intentionally chose an aging buck without realizing that it was unique. » 11/13/14 10:31am 11/13/14 10:31am